Snow Foam OG+ Lance Starter Kit

$379.90 $129.95

It takes two to tango. Our sequel to outdo the original Lance with our best selling Snow Foam Detergents.

Since introducing ouroriginal Snow Foam Lance to Australia in 2013, we are proud to release our long-awaited OG+ Lance - packed with years of development and testing to ensure the thickest foam, ease-of-use, and durability.

We've undergone countless iterations during the research and development process of the new Snow Foam Lance. Our goal for the OG+ Snow Foam Lance was to provide a quality product that is durable, effective and maintains the highest standard of quality that our all Snow Foam Australia customers have come to expect.

Working directly with our extensive detailer network and direct customer feedback, our new Snow Foam OG+ Lance features design upgrades that directly improve the usability, ergonomics as well as overall effectiveness of our Lance.

There are some key upgrades that are seen with the OG+ Lance over our Standard OG Lance. The OG+ bottle featuresa wide mouth bottleneck for easy filling, an ergonomic grip and wider base to easily stand upright when not in use, a clear bottle to make measuring easy and precise as well as a durable PVC to PET matched threading for increased durability and longevity. The OG+ Lance head features an electroplated brass build for rust and oxidation resistance, a weighted high-grade pick-up tube, a single head nozzle for greater pressure throughout and a visually appealing black coloured head and adjustment nozzle.


  • Generates super thick foam
  • Electroplated Lance head finish for oxidation resistance
  • Ergonomic bottle design
  • Larger surface area for stability
  • Heavy-duty clear PET material
  • 55mm bottle neck for easy filling
  • Materially similar neck threading (PVC to PET)


  • Lance head, male-to-male adaptor, pressure washer adaptor of your choice, suction tube,  installed 1.11mm (1200-1600psi) and included 1.25mm inlet (1600-5000psi)
  • Electroplated brass head
  • 1L PET clear bottle
  • Weighted pick-up tube
  • 2 Year Warranty

Check out the adaptor guide for details