Snow Foam Gun V2 Maintenance Wash Kit

$281.91 $199.00

Maintenance is key. 

When maintenance washing your car, bike, boat, or caravan, having the appropriate tools is essential. The Maintenance Wash Kit is designed for both exterior and interior cleaning, ensuring that your vehicle not only appears pristine on the outside but also maintains a fresh and clean interior aroma. 


  • Snow Foam: Snow Foam Gun V2 + & Berry Thick Combo 1L
  • Wheel Cleaning: Snow Foam Purple 500mL
  • Contact Wash: Snow Foam Wash Pad
  • Window Cleaning - Clear by Snow Foam 500mL


  • Interior Cleaner 500mL
  • Fresh Linen Air Freshener 200mL

Finishing Touch:

  • Microfibre Towel 3 Pack
  • Tyre Shine 500mL
Snow Foam Gun V2 Maintenance Wash Kit
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