Snow Foam Gun V2 Premium Package

$412.80 $154.95

Introducing The New Snow Foam Gun V2 Premium Package. 

Maximise Your Garden Hose for a Fast, Easy & Safe Foam Wash with this start-to-finish package!

If you're tired of spending so much time setting up before actually washing, you've found your solution!

Imagine a quick, easy and fun way to clean your car or bike!

The Snow Foam Gun works by simply attaching to your everyday garden hose, giving you the power to effortlessly clean your vehicle as a wet, soapy foam shoots out.

There are two ways we use the Gun:

Prewash: Foam > Rinse > Two Bucket Method Wash > Rinse > Dry

SF Method: Foam > Rinse > Gun + Wash Mitt Scrub > Rinse > Dry 

We can skip the dip into dirty bucket water by using the SF Method to continuously clean our Wash Mitt as we go from panel to panel. It's safe, quicker, and easier than walking to and from the stationary bucket setup. 

Snow Foaming regularly on a paint-protected car will mean dirt and grime will be easier to loosen and therefore allowing you to minimise scrubbing harsh dirt into your paintwork. 

We have teamed up the Snow Foam Gun with the soft Snow Foam Microfibre Wash Mitt, pH Neutral Snow Foam Detergent, and the highest quality Snow Foam Twister Drying Towel for a start-to-finish, safe wash. This kit is perfect for those looking for dedicated equipment for an easy and effective car wash.

After thicker foam? Try our Snow Foam OG+ Lance!

  • Wet Foam Layer
  • Easy Installation – Plug and Play directly to your garden hose.
  • Accurately mixes foaming detergent
  • 6 adjustable foaming settings allow you to easily set the mixing ratio for desired results
  • Made with quality, chemical-resistant brass, stainless steel, and plastic for maximum durability.
  • Snow Foam Spray, Jet Spray & Rinse from one device
  • Afterpay Available
  • 2 Year Warranty
What You Will Receive

1 x Snow Foam Gun (worth $84.95)
1 x Snow Foam Detergent (Worth $29.95 - $229.95)
Or Snow Foam Berry Thick ($34.95 - $274.95)
1 x Snow Foam Wash Mitt (Worth $14.95)
1 x Snow Foam Twister Drying Towel (worth $37.95)

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