Welcome to a new world of cleaning.

First off, we're so happy you're here! If you're anything like us, we love our cars and love keeping them in tip-top condition. As you've now upgraded your car care to Snow Foam, let's delve into making your car care experience better than it ever was before by learning how to use them the way they're intended to. We all have our ways of doing things, so if an alternate way works for you, go for gold!

1. Wash In Shade
2. Toss Your Old Gear
3. Ensure The Car is Cool To Touch
4. If you drop it, wash it
5. Separate Your Towels 


General Car Cleaning Rules

Let's start with the rules of the game. There are a few absolute no-no's that you should know in order to keep your car cleaner for longer. We do love doing a full paint correction on our cars once in a while, but the longer we can prolong our visit to the detailer, the more money we save. 


Here's our general car cleaning rules:

1. Wash in shade where possible
You don't want soap, water, waxes or sealants to be frying on your hot car panels. This can leave unwanted streaks and makes it even more work to get your car clean. Try your best to find shade or work during the morning or toward sunset when the sun isn't as harsh if you cannot find shade.

2. Toss your old gear
Old, dried up, dirty towels, wash mitts or chamois can contain used chemicals along with not being super soft on your paint. Do yourself a favour and keep your cloths, mitts, chamois and towels all clean or replace them. You don't want that rubbing up against your expensive paintwork.

3. Ensure the car is cool to touch
It's best to avoid washing your car straight after a drive. The engine is hot so therefore your bonnet will be hot and your wheels and brakes will be radiating heat too. Applying wheel cleaners or Snow Foam on these areas is similar to washing the car in the sun.

4. If you drop it, avoid it. 
Dropping any of your equipment that is to be used on your paint and quickly brushing it off to use again is extremely tempting but can cause more damage than good. Take your time and grab a new cloth or wash mitt or thoroughly clean it. The amount of dirt on the ground on these cloths can include dirt, rocks, sand and these will lead to endless swirl marks. 


5. Separate Your Towels 
Avoid using the same towel to dry your car that you would use to dry your wheels and in the same way, avoid using the same microfibre cloth for the exterior that you would use on the interior. We don't want the wrong chemicals going onto surfaces they aren't intended to go on. It's common sense, but the laziness in us will simply fold it and go. Again, take your time and do it right. 



There's plenty more rules that we live by but starting with these 5 already get's you ahead of the game. Let's get started learning about the Snow Foam Lance, Snow Foam Gun, Short Trigger Guns and our range of Car Care Chemicals.


How To Use The Snow Foam Lance

  • 01. Setting Up The Adaptor

    Ensure you use the PTFE tape around the thread of the male-to-male adaptor which attaches to the brass body of your Snow Foam Lance. Screw your adaptor on tightly and make sure the tube is connected to the brass Lance head. For Karcher owners, ensure the two wings of the adaptor point directly up and down to ensure the Lance is straight when plugged in. 


  • 02. Connecting the Snow Foam Lance to your Pressure Washer

    Your pressure washer handle will have a detachable spraying wand near where you pull the trigger to release the water. Usually you will need to push this attachment toward you, twist and the attachment will release. Where this sprayer wand is attached to is where your Snow Foam Lance will go. Some pressure washer models have two sections that can be detached such as the Gerni brand, so ensure it is the attachment as close to your trigger hand is, not the furthest one. 

  • 03. Using the Snow Foam Lance

    Fill the Snow Foam Lance bottle with 900mL of warm water followed by 100mL of your favourite Snow Foam Detergent. We have our original Snow Foam Detergent, Snow Foam Berry Thick, Fourby Foam and Salt Cleanse. Give it a quick shake and spray your car from bottom up. Ensure the top dial is set toward negative (-) which means less water and more soap. Then hold the end of your Snow Foam Lance (either the long red or black part) and rotate it slowly to get your desired spray pattern

  • 04. Washing The Car, Bike or Boat

    We foam the vehicle from bottom up ensuring we don't miss any sections. We like the wider spray pattern to get an even coverage of foam on the vehicle. We let this dwell for 5-10 minutes before a thorough rinsing. We then apply a second layer and proceed with a two-bucket-wash method to ensure all the stubborn dirt and grime is off the car as safely as possible. 

Learn How To Use The Snow Foam Gun

  • 01. Setting Up The Snow Foam Gun

    Firstly ensure that all parts of the Snow Foam Gun are tight including the gold quick release adaptor and the hose end. You can rotate the hose trigger adjustor to ensure it is to your liking. From here, simply plug the Snow Foam Gun into your garden hose like you would with any other garden hose accessory, ensure it is tight. 


  • 02. Using The Snow Foam Gun

    Place 800ml of warm water followed by 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent into your bottle. Screw the bottle onto your Snow Foam Gun's body and attach the quick release adaptor on your garden hose trigger to the body by pulling back on the black ring. Squeeze the trigger and off you go. 

  • 03. Three Types of Spraying Modes

    You can rinse, foam and jet spray with the Snow Foam Gun. For rinsing, take off the Snow Foam Gun body and use the trigger handle to rinse the car. Attach the Snow Foam Gun body onto the trigger handle along with the end nozzle for foam. For jet spraying, keep the body on the trigger, but remove the end nozzle. 

  • 04. Adjusting the Dial

    With our latest model of Snow Foam Guns, the highest foaming setting is at setting 5. Rotate this top dial to your liking with 0 being the least detergent and 5 being the most. 




How To Use The Snow Foam E-Foamer

  • 01. Setting Up The E-Foamer

    Firstly plug the E-Foamer into a 5V or 9V charger with the provided USB charging cable. Open the accessories bag to find two rubber gaskets which will be used before screwing on the Foam Nozzle or the Spray Nozzle. 


    To Foam: Fill the E-Foamer up with 1750mL of water and 50mL of Snow Foam Detergent and screw the head to the bottle tightly. Turn the E-Foamer on and let it compress air into the bottle for 15 seconds. Push the handle trigger and foam away. You can adjust the end nozzle to spray in the orientation that you like whether it be horizontal or vertical spraying. 

    To Mist: Swap the Foaming Nozzle to the Misting Nozzle ensuring the gasket is used. Fill the E-Foamer with your favourite Snow Foam solutions and mist away with the trigger. 


    As you spray on either setting, the E-Foamer will automatically top up the air compression as you spray ensuring that you can continuously spray as needed. There is no need to manually pump the E-Foamer. 

  • 02. Airing Out

    When you're done, simply pull the top valve up and the air will disperse. Ensure the unit is off before doing so. 

  • 03. Storage

    It is advised to clean out the E-Foamer after each use, but if the solution is not acidic it is fine to store it in the E-Foamer if you intend to use it again in the near future. 

  • 04. Automatic Spraying

    Depress the trigger and slide it forward into the trigger lock position. This will have the E-Foamer spraying automatically. 

  • Download E-Foamer Instruction Manual

How To Use The Snow Foam Short Trigger Gun

  • 01. Setting Up The Short Trigger Gun

    If you have been given a small cube box with an adaptor in it, you will need to use PTFE tape around the brass thread of your Short Trigger Gun approximately 5-8 revolutions. Screw this adaptor onto your Short Trigger Gun and tighten. 


    If you are using an M22 adaptor, simply PTFE tape the brass thread on the end adaptor. 


    Proceed to click in your pressure washer's hose via the adaptor or screw it in via the m22 adaptor. 

  • 02. Using The STG with a Ryobi Pressure Washer

    Models of Ryobi such as the RPW140G and RWP150G along with some older Karcher models will require our Long Weekend Hose replacement pressure washer hose to fit the Short Trigger Gun.

  • 03. Spraying The Car

    To use the Short Trigger Gun you will need to pull back the gold quick release end and insert one of the coloured nozzles and lock it in tightly. If the nozzle isn't in tightly, you can have this small piece be blasted by the water pressure and cause damage to yourself, other or your car. For this, shoot at the ground first and never point it directly at another human being or animal. 

  • 04. 1/4 Inch Adaptor 

    If you are intending to use your Snow Foam Lance with the Short Trigger Gun, you will need to switch the existing adaptor to a 1/4 inch quick connect adaptor. It will then click in and out like the 5 coloured nozzles. 

How To Use The Underbody Cleaner

  • 01. Setting Up The Underbody Cleaner

    You will receive the Snow Foam Underbody Cleaner, three extension hoses and an adaptor for your pressure washer. 

    Simply connect the 1/4 inch connections together (pull back and click in) and connect it to your pressure washer

  • 02. Using The Underbody Cleaner

    Roll the Underbody back and forth underneath your car to get as much dirt, sand and grime off as you can. 

    You can then pull out the swivel pin to adjust the angle as desired.




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