Ceramic Detailer


Prolong your freshly cleaned paint with our new Ceramic Detailer, providing deep gloss and protection to extend the cleanliness between washes. 

A new formulation designed for intense gloss, slick finish and water-repelling hydrophobic finish. This Si02-based formula provides a coating onto your car for shine and protection, after you've washed and dried your car. 

This Australian-made formula is infused with high-grade Japanese polymers, achieving excellent beading to repel water and dirt sticking onto your paintwork. This will encourage easier cleaning especially with regular Snow Foam washes. 

  • Enhances ceramic coatings, waxes and sealants, promoting their hydrophobic properties
  • Provides protection on non-coated vehicles
  • Mist on and buff off
  • Slick Finish with excellent hydrophobic protection
  • Japanese polymers
  • Australian Made Formulation


In shade, after a wash, simply mist on to each panel and buff off to unleash an intense shine. Always use clean microfibre cloths.

Shield vs Ceramic Detailer

Ceramic Detailer is a dry apply process whereas Shield Spray/Concentrate are both wet apply applications.

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