Interior Trim Rejuvenator

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Regular use of your car along with the harsh Australian sun can result in dull and faded plastic interior trims. A simple dab of Interior Trim Restorer worked into the plastic dash, door trims, plastic seat covers and even steering wheels, will see a revived, refreshed interior once again.

  • Restores dull and faded interior plastic trim
  • Assists in blending in scuffs and scratches
  • Deep, luxurious finish
  • UV protection - Keeps your plastics protected from the sun
  • Easy to apply - gently work into your plastic trims and wipe clean
  • Works with darker and lighter coloured interiors
  • 200mL


  1. Clean interior plastics with Snow Foam Interior Cleaner
  2. Apply a coin sized amount of Interior Trim Restorer onto a clean microfibre cloth or pad
  3. In a circular motion, work at the interior plastics ensuring an even finish
  4. Using a clean microfibre cloth, wipe over the area

Like all car care products, test on inconspicuous area before proceeding.

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Interior Trim Rejuvenator
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