Orange - Heavy Duty Degreaser

$198.38 $19.95

A highly-tested, environmentally-friendly, and citrus-based all-purpose cleaner and degreaser.

Orange is the answer to removing stubborn grease, grime, dirt, and debris. A versatile formulation that can be used as a concentrated degreaser for heavy-duty cleanings such as engine bays or undercarriages, or diluted with water for lighter duties. We have tested it with Snow Foam and works incredibly well in dissolving contaminations in your paint.

  • Biodegradable
  • Extremely Heavy-duty
  • AQIS Approved
  • Pleasant Citrus Fragrance
  • Non-hazardous & Non-bleaching
  • Australian Made Formula

1. As a concentrate solution - with a spray nozzle.

2. Diluted with water, ratio 20:1 - with a microfiber towel.

3. Diluted with Snowfoam - add into your Lance or Gun with 10mL.

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