Snow Cloud - Soft Microfibre Wash Mitt


Give your car the care it deserves with the Snow Cloud. Our softest wash mitt yet, designed to effectively agitate dirts from your paintwork without causing unwanted swirls and hazing.

Dirt being moved around on your paintwork by human contact is one of the biggest factors toward causing swirl marks. By opting for a Snow Cloud wash mitt, you'll be reducing the chances of inducing swirl marks leaving you with a safer wash and a cleaner car.

How we best utilise the Snow Cloud is as below:

-Opt to use Snow Cloud with a two or three bucket wash method
- Always clean one panel at a time before rinsing the mitt
- Never allow the Snow Cloud to touch the ground
- Use a separate wash mitt for wheels that you do for car paintwork
- Only apply light pressure when using

Being able to retain plenty of suds whilst being super soft and fitting like a glove, your hands will love you, car will love you and time will be saved.

Snow Cloud - Soft Microfibre Wash Mitt
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