Snow Foam Berry Thick Detergent


After years of intensive research and development paired with rigorous real-world testing, we are delighted to introduce the newest Snow Foam Detergent to join our range. Berry Thick.

We’ve been incredibly meticulous with our parameters when formulating Berry Thick as we spared no expense to deliver above and beyond what our customers would expect and mediocrity was simply not an option.


  • Australian Made
  • Research and Developed in Australia
  • pH Neutral Formula
  • Instant Mix Formula
  • Enhanced surfactants to tackle stubborn dirt
  • Increased Foaming Thickness
  • A mousse consistency when used with a Snow Foam Lance
  • 1:10 Dilution - 100mL Berry Thick for 900mL of water
  • Safe on ceramic coatings, quality waxes and sealants

The final formulation results in a true-to-form Snow-like consistency that clings onto paintwork and actively drags dirt and grime off as it sheets together. Our goal was not only to create the thickest Snow Foam for our customers but ensure we improve the cleaning power over our existing formula whilst maintaining that Berry Thick remains pH Neutral to prevent damaging ceramic coatings, waxes and sealants - such as our Snow Foam Shield Spray.

We’ve also improved the usability and value for our customers, by removing artificial thickeners from the formulation, we have created an instant mix Snow Foam Detergent. Simply put, when you pour the Berry Thick Detergent into our signature Snow Foam Lance or Snow Foam Gun, it instantly mixes with the water in your canister. This means that you are setting up and foaming quicker than ever before! Gone are the days of squeezing detergents out of bottles, leaving bottles upside down to try and get that last bit of detergent and shaking your Snow Foam Lance or Snow Foam Gun to mix solutions before you start foaming!

Liquids Storage Note:Store in a cool & dry place. Bottles can leak and liquids may degrade in direct sunlight or heat.


What is the difference between Snow Foam Detergent & Snow Foam Berry Thick?

Our original Snow Foam Detergent is still an effective foaming detergent with its uniquely intense gloss and shine it provides after a full wash. With our Berry Thick, our focus was on improving the cleaning ability and foam thickness so there is more time to dislodge stubborn dirt and grime.

Is it for me?

If you're after super thick cleaning foam, the Berry Thick will certainly live up to its name. For detailers who don't necessarily require the thickest foam when doing a maintenance wash or pre-correction wash, the original Snow Foam Detergent will be a sufficient choice.
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