Snow Foam Shield Hydrophobic Concentrate


We're excited to bring you a paint protection sealant applicable by our most loved Snow Foam Lance. Introducing Snow Foam Shield Hydrophobic Concentrate. 

It's easier than ever to apply our hydrophobic paint sealant on your car to have less water stick to your paint and an even easier Snow Foam wash next weekend. 

Applicable by Snow Foam Lance, 125mL of Snow Foam Shield Hydrophobic Concentrate with 875mL water will give your car the hydrophobic finish you've been looking for! Apply when wet and instantly rinse off before drying.

Suited for modern cars with factory clear coating or ceramic coated cars, we found a single layer of SF Shield can see up to 3 months of protection under the right conditions.

  • Applicable by Snow Foam Lance
  • Enhances paintwork gloss
  • Increase effectiveness of Ceramic Coating
  • Instant beading and months of hydrophobic protection
  • Spray on after wash, when wet
  • Apply in the shade and on cool panels
  • For best results, clay bar your panels
  • Avoid vinyl wrap, soft-tops and windows.
  • Biodegradable & pH Neutral

Available with spare Lance bottle. Do not mix Snow Foam Detergent with Snow Foam Shield, flow clean water through your lance before and after each use. Try on inconspicuous area before proceeding.

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