Steer Clear Windscreen Additive


When tackling the spirited drive, Steer Clear from your distracting dirty

windscreen and focus on the road. Once inserted, you're a flick away from reapplication onto your windscreen.

Steer Clear cleans Windscreen Dirt, Grime, Bugs, Bird Poo and more.

  • Smear-Free Cleaning
  • Does not damage rubbers or paintwork
  • Only requires 50-100mL per washer bottle

Whether it's bugs, bird poo, dirt or grime, focusing on the road is vital for safe driving and hazard reaction. Dilute straight into your washer bottle and activate the spray to clear your windscreen from dirt in a smear-free manner.

Steer Clear not only cleans but assists with smooth windscreen wiper action, helping reduce the annoying wiper skipping and shuddering.

Steer Clear does not contain any harsh chemicals which may damage paint, rubber or rubber lines when sprayed.


Simply dilute 50-100mL into your water-filled washer bottle.

Turn on your windscreen washer fluid

Steer Clear Windscreen Additive
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