Waterless Wash


You've asked for it and we've worked hard to deliver it.

Snow Foam's Waterless Wash kindly lifts dirt, dusts and contaminants off your paint's surface using polymer technology to be safely wiped away clean. Inbuilt with Si02, you'll also have a protected car capable of repelling water and rain ensuring an even easier next clean.

  • Australian Made Formula
  • Lifted Polymer Technology brings dirt up from the paint's surface to be wiped away safely
  • Contains si02, the same as Snow Foam Shield to repel water on your paint for months
  • Provides a high gloss finish
  • Great for apartment living where water and power are hard to access
  • Perfect for car show preparation before doors open
  • Use as a spray or in your E-Foamer with Mist-Sprayer Nozzle
  • Works 4 Ways as a Waterless Wash, Quick Detailer, Clay Lube & as a Paint Protectant (Shield Si02)

A simple three step solution to Waterless Washing:

1. Spray Panel

2. Wipe Panel To Lift Dirt

3. Buff Gently Removing Any Haze

As car lovers, we're extremely cautious about our paint's surface and causing swirls so it is advised to use a new cloth for each panel, folding the microfibre towel into quarters and flipping after each wipe. 

Waterless Wash includes the hydrophobic ingredients seen in Snow Foam Shield Hydrophobic Spray to give a protective layer that can last up to three months along with giving your car the shine it deserves. 

Perfect for touching your car up before a show or even as your main wash routine where you can't access water or power easily. Use it with the sprayer head or pop it into your E-Foamer and use the mist sprayer to cover your car and wipe off. 

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