Wheel & Tyre Starter Care Kit

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There's nothing more pleasing to look at than a clean and healthy set of wheels. A car wash isn't complete without this kit. 

Purple by Snow Foam

THE MAGIC THAT DISSOLVES BRAKE DUST & DOESN'T SEND YOUR NOSE BUST. A game changer. We've tested, tested, tested and then did more testing to find a Brake Dust Dissolver that we could use effectively, smelt pleasant enough to use and would only require minimal product to be effective. The market is filled with fallout removers that we couldn't stand to be anywhere near but with Purple by Snow Foam, we went toward it instead of running away from it. 

  • pH Neutral 
  • Iron & Fallout Decontaminator
  • Works on wheels to dissolve brake dust and iron particles
  • Works on paint panels to dissolve brake dust and iron particles

Wheel Cleaner

The Snow Foam Wheel Cleaner will break down dirt and brake dust allowing you to rinse or pressure wash off as much contaminants as possible. Simply spray on to wheels and dwell for 30 seconds. 

If you find that brake dust is stubborn, simply spray again and give a light agitation with a detailing brush before rinsing again.

  • Alkaline Wheel Cleaner
  • Recommended by reputable Australian Detailers 
  • Fast Reacting - Leave on for 10-30 seconds and rinse 

Tyre Shine

Finish your car care process with Snow Foam Tyre Shine. With a few sprays on each tyre wall, you'll step back and see your car shine from head to toe

Simply mist onto your clean tyres and if needed, spread across tyre to even out the shine. Wipe any overspray and leave to settle in before driving away. You will now have tyres looking refreshed and ready for the road or show and shine. 

Package Includes
  • 500mL Purple by Snow Foam
  • 500mL Wheel Cleaner
  • 500mL Tire Shine
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